Efficiency Levels of Award Winning Organizations

BID's extensive experience has shown us that there are multiple categories for success. This can be measured in terms of the efficiency of the results obtained allows us to affirm that we could understand the market in three categories:

Performance and performance are the result of a pyramid that is built on Behaviour, Way of Thinking, Feelings, Emotions and Physiological conditions. It is the sum of these elements that determines the result of our actions. 

Precisely in order to be able to sociologically analyze the business world, leadership, branding and the teams of people that have a direct impact on performance, BID uses technological, economic and commercial indicators. Four levels are derived from these indicators:  

A1) World leaders. Companies that dominate all three indicators. They are leaders in technology, economics and market penetration. 

A2) Continental leaders. Companies that are leaders in one of the three indicators: technological, economic or commercial. 

B1) Leaders with an indicator that is 10% of A1. 

B2) Leaders with an indicator that is 1% of A1. In this category are considered the Small Businesses, this is the space for project incubation and business models.